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CM - Sorna by RedPear
by RedPear

I don't understand how you aren't on the "What's Hot" forum or how no one has seen how will you draw. Everything looks amazing, especia...

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Probably the hardest to draw was Ziltoid, the Omniscient!




Mettaton by Coshra

 ...It took about 5 hours...
Anyway! Enjoy staring at that body.. ..because pretty much anything involving his body doesn't make you a pervert xD
CM - Sorna by RedPear
I don't understand how you aren't on the "What's Hot" forum or how no one has seen how will you draw. Everything looks amazing, especially on the lighting and the expression on the character. Another thing I enjoy about this drawing is that the background isn't too distracting, so you'll be able to focus more on the character. The colors on the drawing, and especially on little details like the wrinkles clothing is amazing, which is something I haven't really accomplished in my own artwork. My conclusion about this piece of artwork is truly amazing, and keep up the good work!
I'm currently taking requests/commissions! Hopefully, horror related!
Gaster - Undertale by Coshra
Gaster - Undertale
If you are able to read the top, in wingdings it says (left) "Die" and (right) "Live" 

   Basically this is a lightly different idea I think of how Gaster's 'look' would be other than how other people draw him. Nye! 
Ziltoid the Omniscient by Coshra
Ziltoid the Omniscient
This digital drawing probably took about 5 hours or more... Im just so glad how good it turned out!

     The only problem with this drawing is there might not be much fan base, but Ziltoid is in fact an alien, so I guess that could leave up to some view ability excited happy 
I am currently taking in free commissions but it mostly would have to be around characters or one genre I look a lot, horror! Red icon 
    Please leave down comments if you have any suggestions or some tips on how I can become better at drawing!
Also, please check out Devin Townsend Kao Emoji-93 (Excitement) [V5] Especially the album z2! (Even though ZTO explains better)
Commissions! by Coshra
 So.. At the moment I am visiting my grandparents and staying with them with my mom until we move! So, in the mean time, I enjoy horror, and I'm listening to creepy music.. So, why not? Right? Creepy stare 
Studio Killers - Jenny and Cherry! by Coshra
Studio Killers - Jenny and Cherry!
I saw their new Music Video which was amazing and I loved the art style, so I felt like redrawing it! Please, go, and check out the song Jenny - Studio Killers Smile Miguel 
    Finally, the package arrived. I've heard from one of my friends that these things worked at good use. March, the eighteenth, I welcome my new doll to my horrid unsinkable cave I call a home. I grab the box it's contained in and took a long look at it. Of course, being a sex doll, everything is unnatural. The hips, the chest, unnaturally large. Everything that the company thinks a man wants when he wants the perfect woman. Huh, the doll has no arms nor feet, just sharp edges replaced for it. *Reads the manual* Hmm, it says that because they're gone is because apparently hands and feet are useless. Also, they're still thinking of other ideas.. *Smirk* "...this is probably as far as they gotten to." 

    I look up close at the dolls face. Such pale blue eyes... And blond-like fake hair. I hear a knock at the door. "..Shit.." I quickly hide the doll somewhere close.. and answer the door. *Doll: "...I wonder what it's like to be real.."*  "The fuck.." I then open the door and see who it is. Shoreline, the most lovely girl in the world. "Why hello there, is there something you need dear?" I look at her and she has cyan laces in her hair with a white dress. "Um, may I come in? My mom said you took one of my dresses.. It has green dots and the rest is pink? I think you may have it.." So, the brat found out. I thought I hid it well, seeing it reminds me of Shoreline, so lovely and delight.. "Yes, come in my darling.." I put my hand of her shoulder as we both walk into the living room. "Sorry hun, I haven't had any time to clean up the place.. ..Had some things to take care of." I softly said, rubbing her back slowly and quietly so she won't notice. "Like what sir?" She asked, staring into my dull eyes. "Oh, packaging items I were sent from everywhere, Im a helpful man to some.." I then giggled, not knowing what I was saying. "Oh.. Hey if you dont mind me asking, but where is the bathroom? I really need to use the restroom.." She then held onto her dress, whimpering softly. I smiled, looking straight at her.. " This way my dear..." I led her to the basement, where everywhere was dark, and then I stopped, making her walk by herself.
    "Mister? Where did you go?" She then cries quietly, not scaring anything anyway. I then approach her, hugging her from behind, tightly. "Right here my love.." I then grab onto her hands. "So small and fragile, like a tulip about to bloom." She giggled nervously. "Please sir, let me go.. I really need to pee!" Shoreline squealed. "Then go ahead.." I laughed at the thought, then reaching down towards the bottom of her dress, tugging on it slowly. "S-Sir PLEASE STOP!" She then fell to the ground, great a better target. But I couldn't move.. Something was inside of me.. "U-Uhh.. O-..OWW! FUCK!" I looked down, and it was one of the limbs from the doll I got earlier.. "A-Ahh!" It then sliced my throat, then an amount of blood unexplainable came out. I fell to the floor, then bleeding from within, and with my final words about to be spoken all what came out was " L-Love you.. My Shoreline.." *Doll: "I a-aa-always wondered what it was like to be real, a girl..."* The doll opened the jaw of the girl, which broke her jaw and was disconnected. Once it was wide enough, the doll climbed inside of her mouth, and got comfortable to where she felt normal...

        "Mam, Im sorry, but we have no clue what happened to your next door neighbor.. He apparently took your 5 year old daughter and was going to commit a rape scene. Fortunately, there was also a sex doll hidden inside the bathroom, it was damaged by what seems like a toss, but we aren't sure. Your neighbor was found hidden in his basement, wearing a belted long-coat, black jacket, and wore a iron mask, close to what seems like two huge holes for eyes, and a sideways ladder like smile. He also had with him a small dagger, so if he were to rape the girl, he may would have murdered her. Anyway, we are sorry for what has happened between them, and we hope you can get better, alright, goodnight." 


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I do not talk much, and most of the drawings I make come from things I have seen or enjoyed, or felt or dreamed of

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